Teaching Acro Yoga

Teaching at the Dharma Lab and Trout Lake Community Center.


I got into Acro Yoga in July 2017 and ended up co-teaching and organizing a class during the off season when our existing class would normally stop for the fall/winter. I took it upon myself to create this because I wanted to learn more and our teacher was happy to go along with it if I was willing to find a space. I found a space to rent and we asked for donations to cover the costs. I helped out teaching and that sparked an interest which eventually led to him and I joining a teacher training course together in January 2018. We completed it and are now 'official' Acro Yoga teachers. I then went on to get a space for us in the Trout Lake Community Center and was able to have the class cost $2 drop in to be accessible for almost anyone (with a bundle price of $1 per class if you bought them all). I never ended up making any profit from the class but it was for my own enjoyment of teaching and being a part of that community. I taught there for about 6 months before our life circumstances changed and someone else took over the class from the community. I have since taught a class or two at other locations with teacher friends who needed a co-teacher.


Created a low cost program for the community to practice Acro Yoga

Learned a lot about teaching and running a class

Built connections within my community



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