Bison Animation

The project was to make an animation based on a Bison and to show it moving with a few degrees of freedom.


This was a project for CPSC 314 - Computer Graphics. The animation was made by taking screen dumps at specific time steps in a C++/OpenGL based application. The entire program was written from scratch for the project using GLUT libraries. A modeling interface was made to draw the bison and allowed for creation of some primitives such as spheres and squares that could then be positioned and set into place to slowly model something. A separate animation interface to control the bison and vary over 20 parameters that moved his body, arms, head, tail and eyes was also made. This animation interface allowed me to output a key-frame or state of the bison in order to later interpolate between and generate a smooth animation. This was an individual project and was completed in under three weeks. The project made it to the hall of fame for that years project submissions. The full animation is shown below.


Implemented OpenGL libraries to produce 3d animation

Created a design tool to navigate through keyframes and build animation

Achieved an A+ grade


University of British Columbia

  • Software Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • UBC Computer Science


Bison Animation
Bison Animation
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